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CatholicTV.com Kathleen Beckman can be viewed in this program during the Morning Prayer session with Fr. James Kubicki, S.J.



May 11, EWTN’s Barbara Mc Guigan interviews Kathleen Beckman on “The Good Fight” Program; 11 AM-1 PM live, on "The Glories of Mary, Motherhood, and Spiritual Maternity". www.ewtn.com/radio/weekend/thegoodfight.asp.

EWTN Live Radio Program: The Good Fight with Host Barbara McGuigan who will interview Kathleen Beckman on her book, "The Holy Rosary for Purity of Body, Mind and Spirit". They will discuss the Immaculate Conception, Purity, Power of the Rosary and the Spiritual Battle. To hear this podcasts click the link below http://castroller.com/Podcasts/EwtnAudioLibrary/3114261

EWTN: The Good Fight - 1/28/2013

Hosted by Barbara McGuigan with guest Kathleen Beckman: Today, our national patroness, the Immaculate Conception, patroness of the United States of America introduces our show. Barbara and Kathleen talk about Kathleen's new book: The Holy Rosary for Purity of Body, Mind and Spirit Podcast link


May 11, Saturday, 11 AM-1 PM two hours on EWTN Radio "The Good Fight". Barbara McGuigan will interview Kathleen on "The Glories of Mary and Motherhood, Spiritual Maternity".







Kathleen has recently taped with Johnnette Benkovic for her EWTN Show, “Women of Grace."

The Eucharist: Present to the Mystery of the Presence

NEW!  Kathleen Beckman, Vinny Flynn

The programs with Johnnette are scheduled to air again on the schedule below. A reminder, Women of Grace airs Monday - Friday at 11am est and re-airs each evening at 11:30 pm est.

The Eucharist: Present to the Mystery of the Presence

3/10/2013 10375 Truly, Really Present
3/11/2013 10376 Behold the Lamb of God!
3/12/2013 10377 The Eucharist, The Trinity, and Divine Intimacy, Pt 1
3/13/2013 10378 The Eucharist, The Trinity, and Divine Intimacy, Pt 2
3/13/2013 10379 The Eucharist -- A Way of Life

(5 DVDs) DVD10375 - Truly, Really Present Kathleen Beckman, Vinny Flynnr
Price $39.95

DVD10376 -" Behold the Lamb of God!"
Kathleen Beckman, Vinny Flynn, Price $10.95

DVD10377 - "The Eucharist, The Trinity, and Divine Intimacy", Pt. 1
Kathleen Beckman, Vinny Flynn, Price $10.95

DVD10378 - "The Eucharist, The Trinity, and Divine Intimacy", Pt. 2
Kathleen Beckman, Vinny Flynn, Price $10.95

DVD10379 - "The Eucharist: A Way of Life "
Kathleen Beckman, Vinny Flynn, Price $10.95

10618 - Women of Grace TV program, The Rosary: Instrument of Grace and Salvation, Part 4
We live in an age marked by rampant perversity. What would have been considered unconscionable a generation ago has become common place and lauded. The glamorization of perversity and the rise in pornographic addiction stand as stark indicators of the temptations that assail us in our day and time. How can the Rosary be a strength and fortification for us? In what way can it be a weapon that protects us from falling victim and prey? Here to answer these questions for us is our guest, Kathleen Beckman. website: http://www.womenofgrace.com/en-us/media/tv/details.aspx?id=675 ‪#‎Catholic ‪#‎prayer

DVDs are available at http://shop.womenofgrace.com

The Good Fight Host Barbara McGuigan 2/20/2010 Barbara McGuigan with Kathleen Beckman. They comment about this special Year for Priests and on the special gift that the Priesthood represents for us. To Listen click here on the link below. http://www.ewtn.com/vondemand/audio/seriessearchprog.asp?pgnu=5&SeriesID=7084

Focus TV On Line Conversion of the Heart

Kathleen Beckman shares what sustained her through trauma in the family after the mysterious murder of one of her loved ones. She speaks about the sacramental grace available when challenges arise in marriage and tells of the healing power of daily mass, Adoration oand the Holy Rosary and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. During a ten year period of long suffering in her family, while praying before the Blessed Sacrament after daily Mass, she wrote reflections on uniting suffering Christ's Passion to form intercessory prayers for family and Church with an emphasis on marriage, children, and priests. Kathleen Beckman has been in leadership in Magnificat, A Ministry to Catholic Women for twenty years. This is the amazing story of her personal "Conversion of the Heart".

You can purchase this testimony on DVD Price $15, CD Price $8 or both $20 by using this link http://shop.focustvonline.com/conversion-of-the-heart/ at the Focus Online Store.

St. Joseph Radio Magnificat Proclaims

Kathleen Beckman - Eucharistic Healing for Marriage and Family CD $7

To listen to Magnificat Radio please click on this link for information http://www.magnificat-ministry.net/magnificat-radio/

Magnificat Proclaims is broadcast on a rotation basis, every 3RD & 4TH SUNDAY of the month, on

1080 & 1460 AM

10:00 AM (Missouri)
8:00 AM (California)
10:00 PM (Missouri)
8:00 PM (California)

Press Release

Radio Maria Launch of Weekly Summer Series: Living Eucharist Radio

Kathleen Beckman's Radio Maria weekly program, "Living Eucharist" airs every Monday at 3 PM Pacific time or 5 PM Southern/6 PM Eastern.  The call in number is 866-333-6279.  All programs are archived on http://www.radiomaria.us/livingeucharist/ Listeners on the West coast can tune in one of a couple of ways: go to http://radiomaria.us/ and listen on-line or iPhone, Blackberry or Android users can download a FREE app for Radio Maria and listen on their cell phone device.  Check out the great guests that Kathleen has interviewed, bishops, priests, and laity. 

Tune in on Thursdays at 6pm Eastern, 5pm Central throughout the summer and journey deeper into a life centered on the Eucharist.

Radio Stations

Alexandria  - 580 AM D'Iberville  - 88.1 FM
New Iberia  - 1360 AM
Natchitoches  - 89.7 FM Springfield  - 1600 AM
Lake Charles  - 91.1 FM Anna  - 88.7 FM
Hollidaysburg  - 88.1 FM Peshtigo  - 91.3 FM
New York (affiliate)
Port Arthur  - 1250 AM New York  - 620 AM

OCCPB video on OCR website

From:  Hank Evers Date:  October 10, 2012 3:40:27 PM PDT

This morning's OCCPB was an inspired event that exceeded expectations on all levels. It created tremendous enthusiasm for our Catholic faith and support for our Diocese and Capital Campaign that will continue to permeate our community through word of mouth, news articles and television coverage. Below is a link to a video report on the Orange County Register's website. It is spectacular! Special thanks to Kathleen Beckman and our Catholic high school student volunteers who allowed the Holy Spirit to so eloquently present their perspectives.