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Sophia Press releases new book: God's Healing Mercy

God's Healing Mercy: Finding Your Path to Forgiveness, Peace and Joy.

Imprimatur and Foreword by Bishop Kevin W. Vann, D.D., J.C.D.

Acclaim for God’s Healing Mercy

God’s Healing Mercy is a must-read for anyone who wants to encounter the living, joyful, and healing face of the Father of Mercy. By focusing on Divine Mercy in Scripture as well as the lives of the saints, you’ll come to a deeper understanding of God’s love for you and the healing His mercy is ready to provide.”

—Dr. Scott Hahn, Author and Scripture Scholar

God’s Healing Mercy is a gem, steeped in Sacred Scripture and Holy Tradition. Kathleen Beckman has provided us with the consolation of the Truth, who is Jesus. Mercy Incarnate beckons us through the pages of this book to return to Him and to not be afraid to say ‘yes’ to His offer of merciful and superabundant healing of our minds and hearts, our bodies and souls. Read this book and be restored and strengthened in your faith, hope and charity.

—Most Reverend David Kagan, Bishop of Bismarck Diocese, North Dakota

God’s Healing Mercy is a praiseworthy work. Kathleen Beckman has done a superb job of illustrating the deep mercy of God while assist- ing and even challenging the reader to engage in personal reflection at the end of each chapter. In addition to being edified by the several “profiles in mercy” contained in the book, the user should experience a profound sense of hope and a deeper understanding of the healing power of Divine Mercy.

—Monsignor Stephen Doktorczyk, Official at the Holy See, Vatican City State

A remarkable book! Pope Francis has invited the world into a deep encounter with the wounds of Christ, where our own wounds will be healed. What does this look like? How is this done? God’s Healing Mercy is a practical guide to giving ourselves over to Divine Mercy, which makes all the difference here and for eternity. I will be giving this book to many people.

Kathryn Jean Lopez National Review Online